Saturday, March 7, 2009  

Clear for takeoff...

Well, this is it, our first blog entry ever for Mountain Homes Management, LLC. Like curious, excited travelers venturing into unknown lands, we step into the newness, ever-open for whatever might come next and aware that though we might get lost now and again, we'll always find our way to wherever it is we need to be. We hope, with this blog, to offer a bit of food for thought regarding the unique experience of our mountain vacation destination (and the homes from which to explore it), featuring a hearty blend of local flavor, history, commentary, tips, information, personal 'musings', photography and much, much more.

The sky's the limit and we're only now bursting from the launch pad. Welcome to the wonderland of Nederland and beyond; the gateway to fun, relaxation, adventure, romance and high-altitude improvisation!


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